Infographic Design for Actors of Urban Change Program

Program Documentation
Actors of Urban Change” is a cooperation of Robert Bosch Stiftung and MitOst e.V.
The program supports urban development through cultural activities and cross-sector collaboration in Europe.
I have worked with Actors of urban Change for more than a year. Even it is quite a hard job to summarise a year, I might break it down into:
– Graphic Design, Infographics and Maps Design for online and offline publications.
My biggest proud is Actors of Urban Change Program Documentation (2015-2017). Where we have created under the supervision of Martin Schwegmann a process diagram. The aim of this work is to create a visual language among participants, whom are facing totally different processes in their own localities.
During my work we had 10 groups from:
Bologna, Italy
Budapest, Hungary
Cluj—Napolca, Romania
Geretsried, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Messolonghi, Greece
Novi Sad, Serbia
Porto, Portugal
Skopje, Repuplic of Macedonia


Pretty diverse, ha?! 

We have started our research first analyzing the cities. As we know that each locality has different challenges, geographies, population, people, emotions. How can we compare these cities with some facts? So I worked with data:


After this comparison, we can totally understand that these cities are quite different than each other. Let’s check the population. Quite a funny coincidence that Geretsried and Istanbul fall next to each other because of the alphabetical order. One is one of the most populated cities on earth and the other one is one of the smallest cities in Germany. I guess, we just consider them as equals, right?

So, the comparison was quite helpful to understand the different dynamics. But how do we create a comparable data of a process? These people are quite busy with their own projects and also have lots of submissions next to their own jobs. So, I needed to make it as easy as possible for them.

After so many of the brainstormings, we came to the conclusion that I need to do it online. I need to ask some process-related questions where participants can interact online to assess their own processes. Ther challenge is how can I do it precisely but never too boring. I started searching so many tools, then came up with some kind of early io tool where you can interact online. I created a how-to-use tool for that tool.

Later we created a workshop setting to bring all our findings and do an interactive process assessment together in lovely Porto!

Besides the documentation, I have worked also in the newspapers published by Actors of Urban Change as well. There are three in total. You can find my beloved infographics there as well.


Some other superpowers from that period:
– Spatial Design: Redesigning the interior space for the new office of MitOst e.V.
– Project Management, workshop facilitation, travel, and event planning:
Conference for participants in Porto.

Now Actors of Urban Change is evolving with different tools a lot more cooler than before. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and experience. I guess the new projects are a lot more suttled but maybe not as participatory as we were building up. The expert reviews are a lot more dominant than the previous generations. 

We will just wait and see the next generations and their amazing outcomes. 

Further Projects