Anxious Borders | Mersin, Berlin

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In May 2015, Spacedigger was accepted to take part in TANDEM’s EU-Turkey connections initiative. Together with their Turkish partner organization Carbon Collective, their project Anxious Borders – futURban was chosen as one of 10 projects to be funded for a year of cultural collaboration.

The project has examined different neighborhoods. The results have been shared online (, as well as on the following exhibitions:

Anxious Borders Project in Neukölln, Berlin
Placement II at Apartment Project Kultur e.V.

Anxious Borders Project in Soldiener Kiez, Berlin (Link Here)
as part of Kolonie Wedding and #07bibaxchange at Bi’Bak e.V.

Anxious Borders in Akdeniz, Mersin
Placement I at Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts

ID Festival (Israelische-Deutsche Kultur Festival), Berlin (2016)

Further Projects