The Hack Show Winner
Towards the end of Ironhack UX/UI design boot camp, all of us were challenged to redesign a digital product for an existed business as our final project. It is time to showcase all the learnings that we invested during the course. Ironhack’s learning platform says “Use the tools you feel will describe your project better.” We did so!

Donation Campaign

Robinhood store is a social and environmental activist start-up, which wants to compete with convenient bio-supermarket chains. It needs a fundraising page to raise capital to launch their online shop.
The project with a real stakeholder: understand the business needs and develop a meaningful solution
Duration: 2 weeks, work with a fellow student.
Process: Kanban, Miro, Figma, Sketch, Principle
UX Design — Design Thinking
Existing Site Analysis
Stakeholder Interview
Lean Survey UX / User Interview
Affinity Map
User Persona / User Journey
Mind Map
MoSCoW Method
Competitor Analysis
Site Map
Mood Board / Brand Attributes
Infographic Design
Ideation/ Low Fi Wireframes
Lots of Testing / Mid Fi Wireframes
MVP / High Fi Prototype
Step 1 Research
At the very beginning, we have invited the stakeholder to our office to have a conversation and understand his needs and gain a deeper understanding of the business. We outlined the interview questions with the help of another team. Our job is to bring all the different strings and find the midpoint with a meaningful solution.
UX Lean Canvas
After having the interview with the stakeholder, we also need the input of the users. We set the target audience and with the help of the UX Lean Canvas, we created the survey questions to understand the donation behaviours. Not only the survey, but we have also conducted some interviews with possible users.
Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagram

After the user research and stakeholder communication, we have collected a lot of information. With the help of the Affinity Diagram method, we clustered this information in 3 levels. In the end, we found the “How Might We…” question.​​​​​​​

How Might We... ?

​​​​​​​Step 2 Ideation
User Persona
Accordingly, we have created the persona: Anna. Our research about the donation behavior showed that donation is not the first intention. For donation, there is a massive need for building trust and understand the cause, share the same values and while doing that, the business has to be transparent.


Site Map
To make how the donation works for Robinhood, we made FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as visible as possible. We inserted it on the menu, which usually located on the footer.

Sitemap of Robinhood

Low-Fi & Mid-Fi Wireframes

Low-Fi Wireframes

We started sketching the initial ideas first on paper for the early testings. That saved us a lot of time for late-stage iterations.
The user research gave us the insights that we first need to showcase Robinhood’s vision in a campaign setting and tell the story of Robinhood by numbers.
We decided to leave the landing page for the campaign and the infographic. User needs to reach the information as quick and clear possible.
Step 3 Design
Mood Board
Robinhood is a business with a huge social consciousness. It is environmental, social, inviting and optimistic. It wants to change something for the good.

Moodboard with Brand Attributes


Pages from Robinhood Store Donation Website

Infographic about how the donation comes and where does it go.

The challenge was to create the facts from a vision and engage with the users. We improved the on-site purchase and show the achievements, milestones of the Robinhood store visibly. We encouraged the stakeholder to offer back something to the community by introducing the membership cards.
​​​​​​​Thanks to usability tests and feedbacks and continue trusting the process we found many improvements to make to our initial designs, and also plenty of additional features that could be developed in future iterations. This is only an MVP! There is a lot more to discover!

Our design proposal for Robinhood.Store with which we won the UX/UI Design Hackshow at Ironhack, Berlin in 2019 December.
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